Your Amusement Solution.

Put your center on the road to bigger profits.
More than a game, this mini-attraction offers mega benefits like fast games and revenues.
With no special shoes, special equipment or dedicated technician needed, you just set it up and wait for the crowds of happy customers. A casual alternative for customers of all ages. No shoes, no holes required; just space, and not much at that.

SEGA Amusements Europe Ltd. and QubicaAMF formed a strategic alliance to expand service to the leisure industry that will help to simplify the combined approach to the market with an increased sales network in the European and Russian markets. It will be easier to take advantage of the market tendency by offering investors a large and complete product line aimed to drive their business and gain better returns.

From our long and leading history with traditional ten pin bowling equipment, and more than 25 years of development, scaled down bowling was born as Highway66.

In a short space, you can have another profit center. About 40 feet is all it takes.